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ERG Materials and Aerospace has been providing solutions utilizing Duocel® foamed materials for over forty years, and is the world leader in aluminum and Vitreous Carbon open celled foams. Here are some of the projects that have contributed to the success of our customers. Click on the thumbnail to reveal a full size image.


Heat Exchangers

High performance shell and tube heat exchanger. Air duct heat exchanger Cut-a-way view a typical heat exchanger. A small heat exchanger to thermally stablize the lens of an electron scanning microscope. A small heat exchanger. Standard heat exchanger 1 Standard heat exchanger 2 Standard heat exchanger 3 Cross sectional view of a heat exchanger Standard heat exchanger 4 Standard heat exchanger 5 A cut out of a custom built heat exchanger.
A close up of a cut out of a custom built heat exchanger
Various custom built heat exchangers using Duocel® aluminum foam Thermal energy absorber for a medical laser applicationSpace shuttle launch Silcone carbide heat exchanger A high end copper heat exchangerA high end copper heat exchangerHeat exchanerHeat exchanger


Energy Absorbers

Witness blocks are used to determine the effects during explosive / impact testing Duocel® aluminum foam metal is utilized as an energy absorber. Duocel® aluminum provides critical blast energy absorption for crew protection in the cab retrofit found in the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). Duocel® aluminum foam energy absorbers utilized in military vehicles to increase crew protection in cab seat mounts Duocel® aluminium foam provides critical energy absorption during spacecraft separation from mothership.


Breather Plugs

High volume breather plug.Duocel® aluminum foam breather plugs are used in the F-22 for pressure releases during rapid altitude changes. Breather plugs provide rapid pressure equalization, EMI protection, and moisture wicking. Breather plugs used to equalize pressure during rapid altitude changes and functions to wick moisture out of critical areas. Duocel® breather plugs utilized in smart bomb guidance upgrades.


CO2 Scrubbers

Duocel® aluminum is an integral part of the environmental control system for manned space flight. Aluminum foam is used as the heat exchange media and granulated chemical support matrix for the atmospheric carbon dioxide control system on the space shuttle and International Space Station. Amine powder granules can selectively absorb and desorb carbon dioxide at specific temperatures, but generate or require heat for the reaction. The high thermal conductivity foam matrix increases the response rate and efficiency of the system. The foam also electrically grounds the powder and disrupts its packing structure to improve gas flow and increase its lifetime. Space shuttle docked with the International Space Station


Micrometeorite Shields

Extensive testing through NASA has determined the usefulness of sandwiched Duocel® aluminum foam panels for the protection of vital equipment against micro-meteorite strikes in space. Layers of solid aluminum are brazed to the Duocel® aluminum foam to form a shield capable of absorbing and dissipating energy associated with high velocity strikes. The most recent utilization of this technology is evident on the AMS-02 satellite to protect vital components of the TRD.


Heat Shields

NASA and Johns Hopkins University have designed a solar probe that utilizes the Duocel® RVC as the primary heat shielding material The satellite is set to launch in 2015.


Optics and Mirrors

High performance Silcone Carbide foam core laser optic with a reflectition of a brochure High performance Silcone Carbide foam core laser optic with a reflectition of the ceiling Duocel® aluminiun foam core mirror utilized in space communications. Stardust satellite used Duocel® aluminium foam core mirrors for communicating back to earth.


Wind Screens and Baffles

ERG has been working with NASA Glenn Research Center for a number of years to improve the performance of piezeoelectric wind tunnel microphones. Duocel® aluminum foam acts as a microphone wind cover to reduce noise and act as a flow straightener. Wind sceens utilized in anti-sniper trianglation listening devices. Duocel® aluminium foam is used to reduce the noise levels of pneumatic tools. Duocel® aluminum is utilized as a wind screen in the future combat systems listening device . Future combat systems listening device wind screen protects critical components while deployed in hostile enviorments.


Cryogenic Tanks

Duocel® aluminium foam used as the primary component in sattelite cryogenic tanks to provide uniform heating and cooling. Space based infrared optics using solid cryogenic coolers utilize Duocel® aluminum foam as an isothermalizer and baffle structure. Keeping a solid cryogen at a uniform temperature gives the infrared optics a longer useful lifetime.


Lam Discs

Duocel® aluminum foam is compressed and machined into discs which are used to improve the lateral dispersion of gases in CVD and dry etch machines. Flow dispersion acts to stabilize the flow velocity profile by minimizing lateral fluid velocity to reduce upstream cross flow and turbulence.


Missile Baffles

Aluminum foam is being used to provide environmental protection for the first stage rocket motors of submarine launched ballistic missiles. They protect the solid propellant grain from the underwater launch and seawater environments until the missile is above the ocean surface and is ready to ignite.


Anti-Slosh Baffles

Duocel® aluminum foam is used as the structural core, heat exchanger, and anti-slosh baffle in a lightweight conformal pressure tank. The tank stores liquid nitrogen for an airborne infrared telescope system


Heat Pumps

Heat Pump 
Aluminum foam is loaded with chemical powders in order to improve thermal management. The net result is a heat pump for a solar powered, non-polluting air conditioner.


Air Oil Separators

Air oil separator Air oil separator 1 Air oil separator 2 Air oil separator 3


High Temperature Filters

silicone carbide used  as a hot gas filter for a Rocket nozzle because of its high temperature capabilities and strength.


Other Projects

MTV LogoSpecial coatingThe top row is silver plated and the botttom row is tin plated.