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ERG Aerospace Corporation was founded in 1967 and is the originator of open-celled, solid ligament metal foams called Duocel®. Since then, ERG Aerospace Corporation has been producing foamed metals, carbons, and ceramics for the aerospace, defense, semiconductor manufacturing, biomedical, and scientific industries.


Until the mid-1990's, the majority of ERG Aerospace Corporation business was sequestered for military applications and included the design and manufacture of critical foam components for reconnaissance satellites, nuclear weapons, ICBM's, and other sophisticated aerospace systems. With the end of the Cold War, the advanced design and manufacturing technologies developed during those first three decades were then made available for non-classified military and advanced technology scientific and commercial applications.


ERG Aerospace Corporation is a privately held company that has a long history dating back to the founding of our parent company in 1923. ERG Aerospace Corporation's mailing address is 900 Stanford Avenue in Oakland, California, however we are physically located at 960 Stanford Avenue. View a map and driving directions to our offices.